Staffing Solutions

Meeting your talent needs

OrciTrials’ Staffing Solutions will augment your capabilities across clinical development, biometrics, medical, safety, regulatory, and quality functions. As an experienced CRO, we fully understand your staffing needs and can find you the right talent, leveraging our existing global network across multiple therapeutic areas.

Permanent/Temporary Staffing

If you are building a new project team, trust us to find you the right talent. Our consultants have years of experience in clinical research recruitment and will recruit the most competent individuals for your team. We are also proud to have highly competitive retention rates for our hires.


Team Outsourcing

For a more flexible solution on a contract basis, we can recruit, build, and outsource experienced teams. This is ideal if you require specialised staff in a region where you lack presence, or you need a rescue team for an ongoing study. We will take care of line management, payrolls, and everything in between, allowing you to focus on your strategic objectives.


Executive Staffing

Having worked in the clinical research industry for decades, our leadership team is well-connected with senior professionals in various functions and therapeutic areas. This solution works best if your executive team has a skill gap in a particular therapeutic area or if you simply require executive oversight to ensure successful project completion.

  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical Trial Leads
  • Clinical Project Managers
  • Clinical Research Directors
  • Biostatisticians
  • Data Managers
  • Clinical Data Scientists
  • Statistical Programmers
  • Medical Monitors
  • Medical Affairs Managers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Medical Science Liaison (MSLs)
  • Regulatory Associates
  • Regulatory Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs Directors
  • Pharmacovigilance Associates
  • Pharmacovigilance Managers
  • Pharmacovigilance Physicians
  • Risk Management Officers
  • Quality Assurance Officers
  • Quality Assurance Auditors
  • Quality Assurance Managers

In February 2022, a multi-national CRO based in the US requested our support for recruiting a Global Clinical Project Manager for rare diseases. They had been struggling to find the right candidate for over 2 months and had significant financial & time constraints. When OrciTrials took the assignment, we were able to recruit the right candidate within a week.

The US-based CRO approached OrciTrials again in April 2022. This time, they were looking to build a team of 10 CRAs across Europe. Once again, OrciTrials took over the assignment and successfully delivered a team across the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.