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At Orcitrials, we pioneer Global Remote Services that redefine clinical trials management.

At Orcitrials, we pioneer Global Remote Services that redefine clinical trial management. Leveraging advanced technology, we offer remote monitoring, decentralized trials, precise project management, vigilant medical oversight, comprehensive data management, and pharmacovigilance. Our commitment is to elevate pharmaceutical development by transcending geographical barriers while ensuring top-tier safety, quality, and efficiency.

We can support clients in the drug development industry for phase I-IV and post- approval studies in the following areas:

Remote Monitoring:

Orcitrials offers remote monitoring solutions that allow clinical trial sites to be monitored remotely. This includes the use of technology to collect and analyze data, ensuring compliance, safety, and quality of the trial without the need for physical presence at the site.

Project Management:

Orcitrials provides comprehensive project management services tailored to clinical trials. This involves overseeing timelines, budgets, resources, and communication among various stakeholders involved in the trial to ensure efficient execution and delivery.

Medical Monitoring:

Their medical monitoring services involve overseeing the medical aspects of the clinical trial. This includes reviewing safety data, providing medical expertise to ensure participant safety, and guiding the clinical trial team on medical matters.

Clinical Data Management:

Orcitrials handles the collection, cleaning, and management of clinical trial data. This involves using specialized software and methodologies to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of the data collected during the trial.

Decentralized Clinical Trials:

Orcitrials specializes in conducting decentralized clinical trials, which involve utilizing remote technologies and methodologies to allow participants to take part in clinical trials from their homes. This can include remote data collection, telemedicine, and wearable devices.

Pharmacovigilance Services:

Pharmacovigilance involves monitoring and assessing the safety of pharmaceutical products throughout their lifecycle. Orcitrials likely offers services to track and evaluate adverse events related to the drugs being tested in clinical trials, ensuring participant safety and regulatory compliance.

These services collectively fall under the category of Global Remote Services, indicating that Orcitrials leverages remote technologies and methodologies to conduct and manage clinical trials efficiently and effectively across global locations without the necessity of physical presence at all times.

Remote Monitoring


Clinical Data Management

At OrciTrials, we excel in precision and innovation, offering global clinical research solutions tailored to your needs. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, trust us to elevate your projects and advance medical breakthroughs for a healthier world.

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